We are a Professional Association of IT consultants to the small and medium sized business segment in Minnesota. The goal of our group is to:

  •  Further the use and understanding of Microsoft server technologies.
  •  Educate IT professionals in Minnesota how to best serve our business community.
  •  Explore partnership and business opportunities in our community.
  •  Present an organized group of IT professionals to vendors and manufacturers.
  •  Exchange information with our fellow IT professionals.

Membership is completely free and we welcome anybody in the IT field to join us. There is immense strength in numbers and together we have an influence on companies that we represent. To receive monthly meeting notices, please join our LinkedIn group or send a message containing your full name, company name, phone number and email address to info@sbsmn.org.

Regular monthly meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month. These meetings are a great opportunity for our members to get together, discuss the IT issues they face in the small to medium business market and to network, of course. Each meeting has an agenda that is announced in advance, giving everyone an opportunity to do some due diligence and seek answers from the experts presenting the material. Presentations are often done by the leaders in the IT field and the worldwide IT corporations so this is the way to both get the information and send feedback to the people that design the software we all use.