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December 2015 Meeting

Please join us on December 8th for our annual holiday user’s group meeting. Boston Market will be catering dinner and there will be no fee for this event. This will be an evening event.

Netgear will be presenting an overview of their product lines with the focus on storage – ReadyNAS/ReadyData and the integration of Storage Craft with their product line. This presentation will be more demo based than PowerPoint.

Desi Whelan will be the presenter. He has over 20 years of experience with storage and data management companies including Quantum, Adaptec, NetApp and Netgear. From traditional optical, tape and disk mediums to current virtualization and hybrid cloud based solutions, Desi brings a wealth of knowledge to solving data and content management challenges in today’s dynamic IT environments.

Netgear will be raffling off a Nighthawk Router.

Location: 3601 W. 76th St., Edina, MN
2nd Floor Conference Room, Suite 275

Food: 5:30 PM
Meeting: 6:00 PM

Register by emailing:

Registration is required to eat. Registration deadline is Noon, Tuesday, December 8th. This meeting will be free if you register before the deadline.

August, 2013 Meeting

SBS Users Group Meeting.

Date:         August 13, 2013
Location:   3601 W. 76th St., Edina, MN 2nd Floor Conference Room, Suite 275

Food:        5:30 PM
Meeting:   6:00 PM

Register by emailing:
Speaker: Scott LaGrange, Dell SonicWALL Systems Engineer, Minneapolis MN
Meeting Topic: Gen 6 firewalls from Dell SonicWALL

Using a traditional firewall like a Cisco ASA? The new Dell™ SonicWALL™ NSA Series Next-Gen Firewall is a game-changer.  As the demands on small- to mid-sized business IT departments are increasing, budgets are stagnating, the number and sophistication of threats are escalating, and applications are putting pressure on productivity and bandwidth, traditional firewalls are no longer able to keep pace. Dell has set its sights on this challenge and Cisco with the game changing Dell™ SonicWALL™ Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series that renders traditional firewalls obsolete. Enable your small to mid-sized organization or distributed enterprise with the same high level of security, application control, and performance available to the enterprise, in a solution that also offers Dell SonicWALL’s acclaimed ease of use and high value.
Round Table Discussion: TBA

Registration is required to eat and enter the drawing for door prizes. Registration deadline is Noon, Tuesday, August 13th. Meeting fee is $5.00.

June, 2013 Meeting

Meeting Date: June 11th

Location: 3601 W. 76th St., Edina, MN
2nd Floor Conference Room, Suite 275

Food: 5:30 PM

Meeting: 6:00 PM

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Speaker: Users Group member Eric Turnipseed

Meeting Topic: The Untangle Security solution

Join us for a Session on The Untangle Security solution. Have you been working with Watchguard, SonicWALL, Cisco or other hardware or software based firewalls and security solutions? Are you looking for an alternative for you and/or your clients? The Untangle Security solution has a couple of options… a dedicated hardware device which installs in less than 10 minutes… or you can use a x86 or x64 machine, install 2 or more NICs and load the Untangle Software solution.

Round Table Discussion: Firewall Best Practices

Unrelated to the particular brand or model, there are certain things which could or should be done when implementing a secure network. Each company probably has a few of their own Best Practices. Let’s share that information so that we can all do a better job of protecting our client’s networks.

Registration is required to eat and enter the drawing for door prizes. Registration deadline is Noon on Tuesday, June 11th. Meeting fee is $5.00.

In this session, Eric Turnipseed with The Automation Station, Inc., an Untangle Reseller, will do an install on a new machine to show the ease of installation and configuration, discuss the features and benefits of the Untangle solution, and show some clients systems to see the product in action in live and active network environments. Considering replacing your outdated firewall, gateway or UTM? Wonder how Untangle stacks up? You may be surprised to learn that Untangle is the most complete solution out of the box. Skip the multiple appliances, hidden costs and add-ons, and get everything you need for a lot less than you might expect. Compare Untangle to some of the other solutions: .

Eric Turnipseed is the President of The Automation Station, Inc…. a small computer hardware and software consulting company based in Woodbury, MN. Eric has over 20 years of computer experience with 16 of those years working as a computer consultant. Eric holds certifications from Microsoft, Apple, CompTIA and many others. The primary focus of The Automation Station is providing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions to clients based on a Windows network platform. Eric has extensive experience in working with SMB and larger clients on numerous CRM deployments. The Automation Station also provides network consulting and technical support services to their clients. The Automation Station has been working with the Untangle solution for several years. The ease of use and manageability of the Untangle Solution coupled with all the powerful features, make the Untangle solution an excellent option… and as a Reseller, you can also make recurring revenue from clients’ subscriptions.